New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio

New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio

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Join us each week as Lou and Shannon come together with Tom Hayes, Director at New Jersey Natural Gas, for fascinating discussions. Broadcasting live from the newly relocated New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio inside Convention Hall, we delve into the exciting world of nature programs and initiatives that hold immense significance for us here in the Garden State. Discover how NJ Natural Gas passionately supports and champions these vital initiatives that enrich our environment. Get ready to be inspired and informed as we explore the incredible work happening in our community!

This Week's episode: Affordable Housing Alliance

In this interview, we sit down with Tom Hayes from New Jersey Natural Gas, who sheds light on the remarkable efforts of the Affordable Housing Alliance—an organization committed to facilitating access to quality housing through both rental and purchase options. Tom elaborates on the program's enticing incentives to landlords, encouraging their active involvement in this mutually beneficial partnership. For further details, be sure to visit their website at

This Week's episode: Earth Share New Jersey

In this interview, we speak with Tom Hayes, who highlights the significant contributions of Earth Share New Jersey—an organization supporting 21 diverse non-profit environmental organizations. Tom informs us about their upcoming 4th annual Earth Care Day event at Cheesequake State Park on Oct. 8th. The event aims to promote environmental awareness and understanding of our ecosystem. For those interested in learning more about this impactful initiative, visit

This Week's episode: Interfaith Neighbors

In this interview, we have the pleasure of discussing Interfaith Neighbors, an essential organization located right here in Asbury Park. Their mission revolves around assisting individuals within our community by providing support to those less fortunate and addressing basic needs. Through their dedicated efforts, they strive to enhance the quality of life for our neighbors, making a significant impact in the process. Remarkably, New Jersey Natural Gas has been a long-standing supporter of this amazing organization. For more information about their initiatives and how you can get involved, visit their website at

This Week's episode: Mercy Center

Tom Hayes discusses with Lou the Mercy Center offering culturally sensitive services to help individuals reach their full potential through support and education. They host a fantastic golf outing at Hollywood Golf Club on Oct. 2nd. For those interested in participating in the golf outing or contributing to this noble cause, please visit their website at to sign up and get involved. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve.

This Week's episode: Energy Assistance Days

Tom discusses Energy Assistance Days, a valuable opportunity for people to access the latest information on improving energy costs and obtaining the necessary assistance. Attendees should go to the NJNG website to make the most of their visit and receive guidance on required documentation. These events will occur on multiple dates in September and October. New Jersey Natural Gas and other energy providers will be present at various locations. For detailed information, visit

This Week's episode: United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Tom, from NJNG, talks to us about how United Way plays a crucial role in bridging the food and health needs gap for many individuals. Mark your calendars for their upcoming "United for Impact Food Truck Festival," taking place on October 22nd in Freehold. The event promises an enjoyable time with food, drinks, and live music. To discover more about the remarkable work this organization does and find out how you can contribute, visit  Come out and support this worthy cause.

This Week's episode: The Coastal Climate Initiative

Tom discusses the significant work being done through The Coastal Climate Initiative, a partnership between New Jersey Natural Gas and the Nature Conservancy. Their efforts are focused on protecting and conserving the Jersey Shore's salt marsh bays, which are crucial in carbon reduction and coastal protection.

Customers can make a difference by donating, and New Jersey Natural Gas will generously match every dollar contributed. To be a part of preserving this vital ecosystem for the benefit of our environment and communities, visit to learn more about the program.

Previous Episode: CASA

Lou and Shannon recently caught up with Tom Hayes from NJ Natural Gas, who informed them about an essential organization called CASA. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. This organization ensures that these children's rights and needs are properly addressed while they are in foster care. Volunteer advocates, directly empowered by the courts, provide judges with vital information to make informed decisions about children's well-being. To learn more about CASA and its impactful work, you can visit their websites: and

This Week’s episode: Allaire Community Farm

Lou and Shannon catch up with Tom Hayes from NJ Natural Gas, discussing Allaire Community Farm – a non-profit farm whose goal is to nurture through nature, focusing on assisting special needs adults and children, teenagers facing mental health issues, veterans with PTSD, and families fighting cancer. Learn how you can help support this wonderful organization at

Previous episode: Coastal Climate Initiative

Join Lou in an interview with Tom Hayes from NJ Natural Gas as they delve into the impactful Coastal Climate Initiative. Discover how this initiative collaborates with the Nature Conservancy to restore and preserve coastal marshes and wetlands while championing environmental conservation. Learn how NJ Natural Gas doubles your donation for this crucial endeavor. To learn more, go to

Previous Interview: Ocean Fun Days and Island Beach State Park

Embark on an insightful interview between Lou and Tom Hayes from NJ Natural Gas, where they delve into the exciting world of Ocean Fun Days and Island Beach State Park. They talk about the special programs offered in our backyard here in New Jersey and join in appreciating our fortunate coastal treasures. And hear how NJ Natural Gas supports and advocates for these vital programs.

Previous Interview: Lighthouse Center

Lou and Shannon interviewed Tom from New Jersey Natural Gas, who discussed the company's involvement with the Lighthouse Center in Waretown on Barnegat Bay. The center serves as a valuable resource for educating people about natural resources. Tom emphasized NJ Natural Gas' commitment to the environment and their support for environmental awareness initiatives. The interview provided insights into the Lighthouse Center's activities and showcased the NJ Natural Gas' dedication to ecological sustainability. Visit the Lighthouse Center here.

Previous Interview: Albert Music Hall

Lou and Shannon spoke with Tom Hayes, Director from NJ Natural Gas, during the interview about the Albert Music Hall. They discussed the venue's historical significance and its focus on providing a rich cultural experience. Tom highlighted the affordability of attending the Albert Music Hall events and encouraged listeners to visit for more information about this exciting attraction in New Jersey.

Previous Interview: Senior Citizen Activity Network

During their conversation, Lou and Shannon expressed their excitement about speaking with Tom Hayes regarding an upcoming golf outing organized by the Senior Citizens Activity Network (SCAN). They highlighted the significance of this program for senior citizens in New Jersey. Listeners were encouraged to visit for additional information about this incredible event.

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Previous Interview: EarthShare New Jersey 

Matt Ryan catches up with Tom Hayes, Director from New Jersey Natural Gas, and they talk about EarthShare New Jersey, which helps over 21 different environmental non-profit organizations. They discuss how NJ Natural Gas supports their 4th annual EarthShare Day happening on October 8th, which focuses on all aspects of the environment - wildlife, birds, and so much more. For all the details, visit

Previous Interview: Save Green Project

In the Save Green Project, Tom from New Jersey Natural Gas discusses the benefits of having a Save Green Project auditor visit your home to assess its energy efficiency. The auditor provides recommendations on how you can save money on your energy costs. Take a proactive step towards saving by signing up at

Previous Interview: Troop Cards

Tom introduces the audience to Troop Cards, a heartfelt initiative that allows visitors to send messages of support to our troops overseas. He shares a touching card from one of our listeners, relaying a wonderful message of support. If you want to participate, stop by the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio inside Convention Hall. Let's show our troops how much we appreciate them.

Previous Interview: Nature Conservancy

Tom highlights the remarkable efforts of the Nature Conservancy and emphasizes New Jersey Natural Gas's commitment to supporting their work. He informs listeners about how they can get involved in this critical cause and mentions that NJNG matches dollar for dollar any donation made. Every cent of the contribution goes towards saving our environment, with a particular focus on the wetlands in and around Barnegat Bay. If you want to make a difference, visit to learn how to help.

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