A New Jersey teenager who endured intense bullying at school from fourth grade through high school is now suing the district and specific students for failing to stop abuse.

Bullying has always been a problem. I was bullied in school, but only for a short time. After having enough, I punched the kid who was bothering me. Luckily, I only got detention. Shortly after that, that would have landed me a two week suspension. Now in most school districts, defending yourself will result in suspension.

To be clear, I don't condone violence.

The boy and his parents are suing the students who picked on him for nearly eight years and the Hunterdon Central Board of Education and Flemington-Rariton Board of Education.

The teen claims it wasn't just students who bullied him; it was school faculty as well. According to the suit, the boy was picked on for his physique, hair and in high school his "perceived sexual orientation." He was verbally teased and targeted on Facebook. At one point the lawsuit claims the student had kick balls thrown at him until he was doubled over in pain.

The years of alleged name calling and derogatory comments took its toll.  The young man eventually developed serious and debilitating health issues. He missed significant periods of school for hospitalization, according to the suit. Although the direct bullying has subsided, the suit claims the high school district has done little and continues to do very little to accommodate his disability.

Over the years, the parents did not sit idly by. They worried that their son might hurt himself. They talked to teachers, administrators and guidance counselors on numerous occasions and even the police, but the bullying continued.

Bullying is getting worse and its taking on more forms. Many parents try everything to help and hit a dead end. I recently watched the movie 'Bully' and it was eye opening.

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