If you think you read that headline incorrectly, you didn't.

There is actually a volcano right here in New Jersey.

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I know what you may be thinking. We have to deal with hurricanes, heat waves, blizzards, arctic cold, and sometimes even tornados. Now, a volcano. What's next, locust attacks?

This volcano is located in a very small North Jersey town in Sussex County called Colesville.

This is where the story gets really cool.

The Beemerville volcano is 440 million years old. Experts say that it has remained dormant for over 400 million years.

That means if my math is correct, this NJ volcano was active at a time overflowing with molten hot lava, or as we like to call it, red sauce.

According to A-Z Animals, the volcano is located near Rutan Hill or Volcano Hill.

Rutan Hill takes form as a diatreme or a pipe-like structure where magma or hot lava once forced its way up explosively.


There's a reason that not a lot of folks know about this volcano. Without knowing exactly which tiny details to be looking for, you'd never know there was ever a volcano below.

In fact, the exact spot where the dormant volcano is located is covered by your average neighborhood.

Listen, I know 400 million years is an awful long time for a volcano to be inactive, but I still don't know if I'd ever be 100% comfortable living on top of one.

If you're in Colesville and looking for the exact location of the volcano, just type Volcano Hill Road in your GPS and you'll be there in no time.

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