Jersey Central Power and Light has taken to social media to help keep the lines of

JCP&L Facebook Page, (R.Key Townsquare Media)
JCP&L Facebook Page, (R.Key Townsquare Media)

communication open with its customers. Trisha Ingram, who works with website and social media development in the utility's Communications Department, said the tools were developed after a customer listening campaign and several focus groups following some extended storm outages. Ingram said making a very accessible and streamlined mobile web presence was their first objective.

"We introduced an entire suite of tools starting with a mobile app and website, understanding that customers are not necessarily sitting down and logging onto their laptops or their desktop computers in an outage. They don't have power to do that," said Ingram.

JCP&L also set up a Facebook page and they've just introduced a new Outage Reporting app to that page. Ingram said it's very easy to use.

"Through Facebook you just click on the tab that says "Outage Reporting" and you only need to enter your cell phone number. If your cell phone isn't registered with us we would ask you to enter your account number there and press enter," said Ingram.

There's also a way to send outage information to JCP&L via text messaging. "Simply register for text messaging by texting to 544487 which spells LIGHTS, that's a simple process where you text the word "OUT" and you get a notification back that your outage has been received." Ingram said they also text back outage update information.

The utility's social media offerings have gotten so savvy in fact, that they can break down outage information to your specific address. Ingram said "Personal Outage Information" is one of the more recent tools they've added on their website. "So whereas we've had our outage maps in place for a while and you can look at the community level and understand where outages might be effecting your town, if you log into your account, you'll now get specific information about your address and your outage."

However, Ingram said customers can still just pick up the phone and call them to report an outage to their 1-888-LIGHTSS or 1-888-544-4877.

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