The New Jersey Senate President Nick Scutari dismissed even having a vote on a bill that would allow us to pump our own gas. He cited a poll that indicated New Jersey residents don't want that option.

When the question was worded correctly, the new poll shows a different result. The latest Monmouth University poll shows people here DO want the choice, as long as they continue to have the option to have someone to pump the gas.

The previous Rutgers/Eagleton poll apparently was worded to give the elites in power cover to not have to address the issue, which could be controversial to some voters.


Obviously, there is something wrong in our politics and with our legislature. We can hope that this new, more accurate polling will convince our representatives to consider joining the 21st century.

Here's what the executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline C-Store Automotive Association had to say about the latest poll:


"We're gratified that the highly regarded Monmouth University Poll asked the right question, unlike the previous Rutgers/Eagleton poll whose results on this issue were misleading. The Monmouth survey mirrors our own internal polling that shows the majority of New Jerseyans support self-serve gas as long as the option of full-service remains, which was always part of the recently introduced legislation. We hope this poll helps lawmakers better understand that New Jerseyans do support-self serve and we urge them to begin acting on the legislation in the coming weeks."

Customer at Petrol Station

The latest attempt to correct this denial of motorists has a chance to pass. Some people think that perhaps it has to do with the payroll taxes the state might lose if this happens. They will still employ people to pump gas, it just gives people in this very busy state a chance to pump their own gas and move on.

Maybe Nick Scutari our senate president will take a closer look at the issue and bring the latest bill to a vote. Don't hold your breath.

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Pumping your own gas with Dennis Malloy

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