🚨  Massachusetts State Police were warned about a passenger by police in NJ

🚨 The Newark-bound flight returned to Boston

A Delta Airlines flight bound for Newark Liberty International Airport was forced to return to Boston on Sunday afternoon after police received a tip about a threat onboard the flight.

Massachusetts State Police said they were notified by an unnamed New Jersey law enforcement agency that a passenger on board Delta flight #5770 made "threats related to the safety of the flight."

FlightAware.com shows the flight left Boston's Logan International Airport at 6:15 p.m. and was over southeastern Massachusetts when it turned around. The plane landed at 6:40 p.m. back in Boston.

The flight was operated by Republic Airways, which is co-owned by Delta.

Passenger remains in Boston

A male passenger was escorted off the plane and his two carry-on bags were searched by members of the State Police bomb squad and explosive-detecting K9s. He had no checked baggage.

The man was not charged but remained in Boston as the rest of the flight departed for Newark a second time, according to State Police.

Flight path of Delta #5770 7/30/23
Flight path of Delta #5770 7/30/23 (FlightAware.com)

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