Niall Horan of One Direction is the biggest and least suspecting ladies' man of the group, and he's on the market!

Horan confirms that he and Styles are still single. When asked what he's looking for in a dream girl, he grins but doesn't get too specific just yet. "Same as anyone, really," he smiled. "Just waiting for the right person to stand in front of me!"

Hear that, Directioners? Get in line!

And yes, Directioners, you do have a shot. When asked if he would date a fan, Horan brightened, "Yes, of course! If they're a fan, it's just a bonus." And since Christmas is coming, who does he plan on kissing underneath the mistletoe?

"Nobody," he chuckled. "I'm going home! But maybe my granny." When the interviewer asked about perhaps smooching Katy Perry, Horan lit up. "Maybe if things get serious near Christmas!"

When asked what he's getting his fellow bandmates in 1D for Christmas, Horan's answers were almost instant. For Hazza? "A razor, because he wants to grow a beard." For Liam Payne? Hair gel. Find out which bandmate stumped him in the video above!