RIVERSIDE — A competitive cheerleading team has had its upcoming season thrown into doubt after a longtime fundraising vendor failed to deliver on recent orders.

The Linden-Boro Chargers Cheering squad told the ABC station in Philadelphia that they had ordered more than 500 cheesecakes from the Cinderella Cheese Cake Co. When the team was ready to pick up the cheesecakes that had been ordered, the company was nowhere to be found.

"It's not a Cinderella ending at all," Laura Sauer told the network. "We ordered the these cheesecakes and were having them delivered around Thanksgiving. They called us and told us that the boxes were contaminated and that we were not getting our cheesecakes."

Sauer told the network they have used Cinderella in the past without a problem. The cheesecake sales raise thousands of dollars for the squad, which it uses to defray the costs of its competitive cheer season.


Lindy Mundy, of the Cinderella company, told Fox 29 in Philadelphia that she was "embarrassed" and that she was doing the best she could. Mundy blamed the company's problems on faulty equipment.

"Unfortunately, by the time I got the information and started contacting people it was already too late and that's bad, that's bad for business and I know it and I don't want that happening," she told Fox 29.

The cake company did not return phone calls or emails from New Jersey 101.5 seeking comment on Thursday morning.

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