To some attending New Jersey’s higher institutions, campus food quality and availability don’t factor much in the decision process when selecting a college or university to attend.

Once the student has tucked away their belongings, explored the campus and met some of the other students, it’s time to sit down to a full campus meal.

The first meal that the new student is served puts a whole new perspective on the decision that was made to attend that college or university. The quality, taste and availability of that food become a priority and if it’s not a good experience, that will slight the student’s perception of campus life overall.

Most New Jersey colleges and universities have stepped up their food game and have taken notice of the importance of satisfying a very important and demanding younger demographic.

Niche, a website that provides data, research, surveys and compiles reviews have ranked and graded the best college food experiences here in New Jersey.

The Best College Food Rankings were based on meal plans costs, student food reviews, outstanding on-campus food and the quality and healthy food choices available on campus. In addition, the variety of cuisine and dietary choices were also a factor in the decision process.

Here’s a list of the top-ranked New Jersey colleges and universities where on-campus food ranks the best:

The following colleges and universities were tied, all receiving a solid B for their on campus food. The student reviews for on campus food were high with this elite group.

4. Montclair State University
Stockton University
Rutgers University – Newark Campus
Rowan University

3. Rutgers University – New Brunswick

For some reason, Rutgers initially gets a bad rap from those living in New Jersey. It may be that the school is close to home or living at home, some residents won’t get to experience the full campus and university experience. So many reviews from Rutgers students say that their on campus experience was very enjoyable and that while they had initial misgivings prior to attending the state university, they went away soon after arriving on campus. One of those pleasant on campus experiences is the food. It ranks a B+.

2. Kean University

This university packs a punch with its students who get the full prestigious university perks without the prestigious university cost. It ranks a respectable B+ as the best on campus food and the reviews from students are very respectable.

1. Princeton University

It’s no surprise that this highly ranked private university will have the best college food on campus in New Jersey. The university’s attention to choices, quality of food and availability scored the university an A in college food. Some would argue that it better be good for the cost paid to attend the university. It is.

The best judge of on campus food, availability and diversity in cuisine is the college student. These successful universities have made on campus food a priority and those attending these universities appreciate it. So next time when checking out a New Jersey college or university, take a peek at the quality of food on campus.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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