United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew has declined the opportunity to interview with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA).

The NJEA interview process is required in order to receive their endorsement. However, Van Drew knows that there is basically no chance to win this endorsement, as the vast majority of NJEA endorsements routinely go to Democrat candidates.

It remains to be seen whether or not the NJEA will endorse Tim Alexander, Van Drew’s opponent, or, opt to not endorse at all in the New Jersey second congressional district.

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Van Drew campaign manager Ron Filan addressed this issue a short while ago and did not hold back … offering a blistering, sharp criticism of the NJEA as follows.

"More than three months ago, Congressman Van
Drew sent a letter to the New Jersey Education
Association rightfully calling it a "fruitless endeavor"
to seek their support given how incredibly far apart
they are on all the important issues facing our
country from vaccine and mask mandates to the
insane new curriculum being forced down parents
and teachers throats by their union's leadership
team. Our message, whether it's to parents,
teachers, or the NJEA, is crystal clear - if you're
okay with indoctrinating children with this endless
woke nonsense, if you're okay with teaching 5 year
olds about how to go about changing their genders
at an age when they can barely decide on their
favorite color, if you're okay with grown men playing
women's sports, if you're okay with playing the
pronoun police and keeping track of sixty or
seventy something new genders, then vote for the
other guy, because we sure as hell don't want your
support,” said Filan.

We have obtained a copy of the letter that the Van Drew campaign sent to Sean Spiller, the NJEA President, addressing their decision to not participate in the NJEA endorse selection process.

Here is the letter:


SOURCE: Ron Filan, Van Drew Campaign Manager.

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