🚒 Small explosion at NJ house

🚒 Lighter and butane tank were in a bedroom

🚒 No injuries were reported

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Gloucester) — A man trying to refill a lighter wound up with an explosion that blew a hole in the wall of his house.

Police and fire crews in Washington Township responded on Friday evening to the home in the 300 Block of Michael Terrace.

Gloucester County (Canva)
Gloucester County (Canva)

The resident told police he had a disposable flammable butane tank in his bedroom, where he tried to refill a butane lighter.

He left the room and was downstairs with family members when the blast happened. No injuries were reported.

Flames were extinguished and the site was inspected by construction officials, who said the home was now uninhabitable.

Deadly Buena blast in Atlantic County (Canva)

Deadly house blast in Buena traced to fireworks materials

In August, a much more severe explosion leveled a house in Atlantic County, leaving four people dead — two children and two adults.

The blast and fire in Buena Township on Aug. 3 also hospitalized a teenager and a toddler.

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Nearly two weeks later, law enforcement confirmed that massive amounts of commercial-grade explosives used for making fireworks had been recovered on the property and were the cause of the deadly blast.

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