There are so many inspirational lessons to learn from this amazing man. His film premieres Friday.

We have had motivational speaker and activist Scott Chesney on our show and he has become a good friend. This man has a story that he tells best, so you can watch the video below of an interview I did with him recently to hear it in his own words.

But his life, story, and attitude for helping others is so incredible that a movie has been made about it. It would have debuted at all the film festivals this spring if it wasn't for Covid-19.

But Scott and the film producers felt that this is actually such a timely story as we all struggle through this pandemic about facing our fears and frustrations during tragic times, and choosing a path that leads to hope and gratitude instead of anger and sadness.

The name of the movie is Ride the Wave and the World Premiere is this Friday, April 24th . It will now be made available via CLICK HERE to see the movie trailer.

A link will be posted at midnight on the 24th for you to either rent or buy the film. CLICK HERE for details on Facebook. In the coming days you'll see posts about giveaways of t-shirts, sweatshirts, autographed movie posters, and much more so please SHARE this news with your family, friends, and everyone else in your life.  They are also arranging viewing parties so that you can raise money for your non-profit organization so please contact them if you are interested.

Here is the film’s description:

Imagine waking up paralyzed at the age of 15…no accident, no injury, and no trauma.  It was just your time.  Sounds like a nightmare, right?  Not to Scott Chesney.  It was a blessing in disguise.  Start seeing life in a new perspective and join him on his journey of self-discovery that has taken him all over the world.  This is a story of hope, challenges, resilience, courage, family, friends, love, and gratitude.  Scott continues to the navigate life’s peaks and valleys…and he wants the world to join him!

On Instagram:  @ridethewavemovie  @chesney12

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