And you wondered why you have so many bad hair days!

Whether your hair frizzes out to double its usual size or goes completely limp in the rain, who knew that our state ranks as one of the rainiest in the country? If you had told me it was Washington State, I would have believed you because we've all heard about the abundance of rain in Seattle.

But NJ? Sure, this summer seemed excessively wet, but, now that I think of it, I can think of so many years of flash flooding, overflowing lakes, rivers and bays rising, nor'easters, hurricanes, and super storms...not to mention the way it seems like our 'normal' rain storms this summer were far crazier than they used to be, causing power outages and trees to come down. I guess I DID know, deep down, that NJ holds yet another negative title: The Rainy State.

The absolute rainiest state in the USA is Hawaii. (Although many areas are sunny and beautiful most of the year, there are islands that average 63.7 inches of rain a year.) The reason for all that rain is because Hawaii's climate is dominated by moisture-laden air rolling in off the ocean.

Florida comes in a close second.

But New Jersey ranks among the top 10 rainiest states in the summer months in the entire nation!

So bye bye summer...and welcome Autumn! Finally, my hair can catch a break!

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