New Jersey State Police are in the process of investigating scam phone calls that are requesting Social Security numbers from Jersey Shore residents.

It's easy to say "who still falls for these," but NJSP is saying that the scammers are using the number for the New Jersey State Police Transportation Safety Bureau. Even worse, the people on the other end of the line are acting as State Troopers. These "troopers" have been scaring victims by claiming they have received multiple complaints associated with their Social Security number.

This is a well-organized operation. We're told these scammers have obtained the full names and addresses of the victims they are calling. Once victims believe they are truly speaking to the State Police, they go in for the kill and request that the person being scammed confirm their identity by supplying sensitive information, including their Social Security number.

The New Jersey State Police want Jersey Shore residents to know that the NJSP WILL NEVER call you seeking personal information or threatening to arrest.

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