We are in for a very hot June week at the Jersey Shore, but will we break the all-time June record?

This week’s forecast includes the potential for temperatures to reach the mid-90s in the middle of the week.

Hottest Day In New Jersey For June

We dug into the weather record books to uncover the hottest day in Monmouth & Ocean Counties on record for June.

The trusty Office of the Newark Jersey State Climatologist says the hottest June day on record in the area was the 100 degrees we reached on June 29th in 1934. That was recorded at the Freehold weather station.

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If you head south for some June records, you’ll find the highest June temperature at the Atlantic City weather station was a scorching 106 degrees on June 28th, 1969.

New Jersey's Record Temperatures

On the same date as the Freehold record, Long Branch posted a high temperature of 99 degrees.

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The forecast for this week doesn’t look like it’s going to pack enough heat to break any records, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a hot one. Inland areas may be getting close to triple digits as we get close to the weekend.

The hottest day ever recorded in New Jersey was an unbelievable 110 degrees on July 10, 1936, in Runyon in Middlesex County.

If you are wondering what the New Jersey record is on the other extreme, the coldest temperature ever recorded in New Jersey was 34 degrees below zero in River Vale the first week of January in 1904.

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