Get ready because the crowds are coming.

Memorial Day Weekend was fun and all but the weather definitely made it a bust so you prepare for the flocks of crowds once nice weather is in the forecast.

And how will they get there?

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Well besides the Garden State Parkway....NJ Transit is the big winner!

Earlier today at the Long Branch Station, it was announced that a large bundle of trains and beach shuttles will be re-added to the schedule because the demand for public travel has returned.

According to, "rail ridership increased in May to about 30% to 35% of pre-covid 19 [travel] levels on a weekday. Weekend ridership [has reached] 40% to 50%," of original travel traffic.

“There’s a very different feel going into this summer than others and we are preparing for customers,” said Kevin Corbett, NJ Transit CEO and President.

And let's face it...the Jersey Shore needs this.

“More train service will be a shot in the arm for local businesses,” said Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti. "It will be more convenient, whether you’re a commuter or a tourist.”

Here are the travel changes to be aware of and it is #3 that could be a real game changer:

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1. A whopping 60 trains will be added to the railing system.

According to and, "Twelve of the North Jersey Coast Line trains will provide shuttle service between Long Branch and Bayhead on weekends through September 11th." Due to COVID-19, these trains were cancelled last Summer.

2. Twelve beach shuttles are being added so commuters have an easier time making it to our beach towns. As of now, travelers must get off at Long Branch Station and then transfer to the Bayhead shuttle. (Or vice versa if travelers are going to NYC)

3. (This is the big one) There is talk of offering direct summer service so people won't have to get off at the Long Branch Station to a Bayhead shuttle. But according to Corbett "that will depend on ridership."

*Fingers crossed because that would be AMAZINGLY easier*

3. On the NJCL, Train 3232 is now renumbered as Train 3228. This train will also be leaving 40 minutes earlier so arrival time to Penn Station will now be 9:37 AM.

Just an FYI: These are not all of the changes being made with NJ Transit. There are quite a few train additions and schedule changes being made that can be checked out HERE.

But there is one piece of good news. You still have one more weekend before even more travelers inundate the Jersey Shore because all of these changes go into effect on Sunday, June 6th.

So for all the info on this: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.

Safe travels everyone. And remember....please wear headphones if you are going to blast your music. (Wow, that sounded old) 

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