Last year, 9,592 undead souls walked the streets of Asbury Park, searching for brains to eat, and earning the Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Gathering of Zombies.'

This year, the New Jersey Zombie Walk plans to return to the Jersey Shore, and take on a giant cause while doing it.

Zombie Walk
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The Zombie Walk's Volunteer Coordinator known as 'Momma Zombie' lost her mother to brain cancer earlier this year. Zombie Walk founder Jason Meehan wrote on Facebook, 'Talking on the phone during her time of grief, we commiserated about an evil disease and swapped ideas about the Zombie Walk. Trying to find humor to ease my friend’s distress, I ranted about how the undead would not be affected by cancer like the living are.'

A lighthearted conversation about how zombies would be the best fighters against cancer turned into something awesome...turning the Zombie Walk into a charity event. Think about it:

Zombies are all about raising up from the dead, searching the earth looking for brains to eat, right? If the brains are destroyed by cancer, what will the zombies eat??

This year's walk will still be the same fun, free event it's always been, but this year, it will also be about educating people about and raising awareness of brain cancer (and related illnesses). The campaign will be called 'Grey Matters.' (!)

Zombie Walk Grey Matters
New Jersey Zombie Walk Facebook page

The cancer-fighting zombies will descend upon the Shore on October 4, 2014.

Meehan wrote, 'We want to do whatever we can to help kill cancer once and for all because too many people have been lost. Because knowledge is power, and our undead army is the most powerful thing I know. Because brains are worth fighting for... because GREY MATTERS.'

It's an amazing way to combine the fun of the event with a serious issue.

Registration is generally not required for the event, and you can stay updated by checking their website or Facebook page.

Have you done the Zombie Walk? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below!

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