For years, Sandy Hook stood out for two things: People could take their clothes off at Gunnison Beach and visitors were allowed to drink booze.

Starting this year, however, you'll have to settle for a soft drink while sunbathing in the buff.

The National Parks Service announced Tuesday that alcohol will no longer be allowed.

"Sandy Hook has become a party beach," Chief Ranger Greg Norman said in a statement. "People don't come here for a beer, they come here for a six pack."

And that has caused some problems, he said.

Officials say they recorded more than 300 alcohol-related disturbances on the Sandy Hook beaches from 2016 and last year.

While the ban is effective immediately, rangers this summer will let visitors off with a warning. Repeat offenders, however, will get a $50 ticket. A second ticket will cost $100.

Sandy Hook, on the northern tip of Monmouth County, is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, which includes parks in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.

Sandy Hook in recent years also has banned tents on the beach.

Unlike almost all Jersey Shore municipal beaches, Sandy Hook is free to enter on foot or by bicycle, but the park charges for parking.

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