Every diehard New York Giants fan would love to be at Lucas Oil Stadium this Sunday when Big Blue takes on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, but how far are they willing to go?

27-year-old Kyle Walters of Point Pleasant is a Giants fan with an indomitable spirit. Despite having no ticket, Walters plans to drive the 700 miles to Indianapolis alone in an attempt to attend the big game.

“I was born a Giants fan,” Walters says. “My father was and his entire family are all Redskin fans, yet the only team I have ever been able to root for is the G-Men.”

Walters’ only companion on the drive will be a Giants lawn gnome. Throughout the trip, he plans to take pictures of the gnome as he crosses state lines and in front of other notable locations. He’ll also upload video updates from his laptop, using his cell phone as a mobile hotspot.

He’ll chronicle the entire journey on a Facebook page he has set up.

Walters will depart on Friday morning and hopes to be near Indianapolis late on Friday night. He’ll be sleeping in his car, which is Giant Blue of course, and then heading to the stadium for the NFL Experience events on Saturday.

The big question: How does Walters plan to get into the game?

It likely won’t be a matter of simply buying his way into the stadium.

“I’m by no means a rich man. Not even remotely,” Walters said. “I have very limited funds to get myself in.”

Riding a skateboard adorned with Giants logos, Walters says he plans to wear a t-shirt reading “I SK8ED FROM EAST RUTHERFORD FOR A TICKET” and will go from there.

Knowing the tailgate atmosphere I know that this will draw attention to me,” he said. “From there I can strike up conversation and you never know what that can lead to.”

In addition to checking out the pre-game events, Walters says he plans to see some of the town and ask around.

“I believe in my heart that there is plenty of opportunity for me to get in and see the game at a reasonable cost and I know that once the game begins ticket value will drop. So by maybe sacrificing most or all of the first quarter I may increase my chances of finding a deal,” he said.

His ticket-buying budget is $1,000.

Think this sounds a little out there? People close to Walters agree.

“My friends tell me I’m crazy, but isn’t that the true defintion of fanatic?” he says.

While optimistic, Walters isn’t delusional about his chances of seeing the Giants live.

“There is certainly no guarantee that I will even make it further than the parking lot,” he said.

“I’m not desperate by any means, but for me this is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I feel needs to be taken advantage of,” Walters said. “Even if to only get inside at the very end to see the trophy presentation to either team would be something that I would always be able to say I have.”

For a true fan like Walters, just the possibility of seeing his team compete in the Super Bowl is motivation enough.

“Obviously you know it would be a dream come true to see the Giants accomplish it in person but the entire spectacle is something I will treasure forever,” he said.

Follow Kyle’s journey on his Facebook page.

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