There appear to be no hard feelings between Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp and rapper/singer Doja Cat. Well, at least on his end, anyway.

Schnapp, 17, wanted to assure fans that "everything is all good" between him and the 26-year-old Grammy-winner following their online beef last week, which was sparked after he shared their private messages on TikTok, apparently without Doja's permission.

On Wednesday (July 13), about just one week after their (mostly one-sided) online feud, the actor posted a lighthearted video to his TikTok account featuring audio of Doja Cat's single, "Kiss Me More."

Set to the hit song, the video shows him taking on a quick math quiz.

"Guys everything is all good ... I apologized and I still follow her and love her music ... no hard feelings," Schnapp commented under the video — his first TikTok since last week's drama.

Watch below:

Last week, things took a sour turn between Schnapp and Doja after she messaged Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in the hit Netflix show, asking him to set her up with his co-star Joseph Quinn, 29, who plays fan-favorite metalhead Eddie Munson.

Schnapp posted his exchange with Doja in a since-deleted TikTok, revealing the private messages she had sent him with his more than 30 million followers.

This led her to lash out at him in a livestream. "Noah did that … is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. Like, that’s borderline snake s--t. That’s, like, weasel s--t," she said at the time.

Doja Cat has not publicly responded to Schnapp's latest video as of reportedly. However, she has been spotted liking tweets such as this:

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