Fairy Tale Forest in Oak Ridge was a very popular New Jersey attraction until it closed in 2005. Over the years, there have been many many school field trips. It's been about two years since we caught word of its renovation, and now we have some details of the theme park's reopening.

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First, a little history lesson for those who have never been to Fairy Tale Forest. It was built in 1957 by a German immigrant. The whole park was based on legendary fairy tales like Cinderella, Peter Pumpkin, Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Gulliver's Travels, and Pinocchio.

Over the past few years, tress-passers have helped themselves to pieces from this private property belonging to the park as well as vandalizing many of the vignettes in the facility. Anyone who may know someone who has a piece of the park in their possession, please encourage them to return it back to where it belongs. Items can be dropped off under the shoe anonymously.

Fairy Tale Forest Facebook
Fairy Tale Forest Facebook

According to Northjersey.com, Fables, the park's restaurant will open March 4 before the actual park is open to the public.

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