If you live at the Jersey Shore, you know the famous Van Zandt name. One brother is part of the E-Street Band and the Sopranos, but you may not realize that the other brother is a famous TV producer, writer, and actor. And now he is spilling the Hollywood tea!


Billy Van Zandt
Billy Van Zandt

Billy Van Zandt has spent his life backstage in Hollywood. He has produced, directed, and written for some of the biggest sitcoms on TV and worked with the most famous celebrities in the world.

Now he's written a tell-all, behind-the-scenes book full of juicy gossip (all true!) that you won't be able to put down. And it's entertaining as hell.

Not only is Billy a TV writer and author, he is also an incredibly talented comedic actor and playwright. His off-Broadway shows have gone on to become worldwide sensations and will leave you rolling with laughter. In fact, you may have seen some of his 25+ theater productions here at the Jersey Shore and in NYC including “You’ve Got Hate Mail,” “Silent Laughter,” “Drop Dead,” and the summer stock perennial “Love Sex, and the I.R.S.”

Much of his work has been in partnership with an incredible woman who also grew up in Monmouth County, Jane Millmore. Their story alone is a great one (and in the book!). Heartbreakingly, we recently lost Jane. But the team of VanZandt Milmore has been one of the greatest pairings in TV and in theater, and their work lives on.

On a personal note, Billy Van Zandt is, quite simply, the funniest writer and performer I have ever known. Although on our morning show I am frequently loud and boisterous, getting a true, authentic giggle out of me is not an easy feat. Except when Billy has written or performed something. This man makes me uncontrollably giggle and bubble over with laughter. If you have watched any great sitcoms on TV throughout your life, I'm sure much of it was probably written or produced by Billy.

Get In The Car, Jane!
Get In The Car, Jane!

Now this Emmy-nominated writer/producer/playwright has published his memoir. And you won't be able to put it down.  Get in the Car, Jane! (you'll understand the meaning of the title once you start reading the book) is a  fast-paced, crazy look at what it's really like backstage at a TV sitcom.

The book came out today and, trust me, you'll want at least two copies because you will want to give this book as a gift to someone else who needs a laugh. You really have no clue what happens behind the scenes in the TV world (even if you think you do) so to get this kind of insider look is priceless...and wild! Why? Because it's written by Billy and based on the crazy and insane things that he has experienced.

Just the sheer diva behavior of some of these celebrities will leave you shaking your head! Matthew Perry, Martin Lawrence, Frank Sinatra, Andrew Dice Clay, the late, great Lucille Ball, Penny Marshall, Brooke Shields, the Wayans Bros., Rosie O'Donnell --and that's just the tip of the iceberg of the list of actors and personalities that Billy has encountered!

And...it's all true!!!!!

But this book is more than just a funny insider’s look at Hollywood. It's actually an invaluable and insightful guide to writing and producing sit-coms, Get In The Car, Jane! is a book for everyone who’s ever been passionate about their work and frustrated with the obstacles they need to overcome just to do their job.

GET IN THE CAR, JANE! is now available! CLICK HERE!

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