NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on the sale of large sugary sodas in the city.

Find out what it would entail and if we could be next!

If approved, the ban would take place in March 2013, and would ban the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and cafes. It would not apply to diet sodas, juices, dairy-based drinks, or alcohol.

Bodegas and supermarkets would be exempt from the ban, but it would apply to places like movie theaters, food trucks, and corner stores.

It's a measure meant to target obesity rates, and requires the Board of Health's approval, which is expected.

I know for now this doesn't affect many of us either way, but for people who work there, and for people who visit the city often, this is another example of government trying to control people's lives.

If someone wants to drink 64 oz. of corn syrup-laden Slurpee, shouldn't that be their right? (Aside from the fact that if someone wants a huge soda, they'll buy two smaller ones if they have to.)

The trans-fat ban started in NYC and soon swept the nation. Will this be next?

And if it's a measure against obesity, why aren't juices, milkshakes, and LIQUOR included? They contribute just as much to weight gain.

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