I'm not a hugely political person, and this has nothing to do with party affiliation or anything of the sort.

So what did Obama say that has me so...confused?

In regards to the NFL referee lock-out coming to an end, he said via spokesman Jay Carney that he's,  'very pleased that the two sides have come together. It’s a great day for America.'

President Obama on David Letterman
President Obama on Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

Is anyone else concerned about that? It's a great day for America because the NFL is back to normal?

I'm all for distracting myself from the endless negativity of the world by chatting about the NFL dispute...but Mr. President, isn't it your job to keep your eye on the important stuff?

You know, the economy, jobs, healthcare, etc...and didn't the President of Iran just call for our demise yet AGAIN?

Listen, I'm glad we can go back to enjoying legitimate football again, and I'm glad President Obama can relate to the general population...but as President of the United States, I'd like him to relate less and focus on the important stuff a little more.

Senator Steve Sweeney
Senate President Steve Sweeney

And it's not just the POTUS. Really Senator Sweeney? We need a law banning replacement refs? We have nothing better to work on?

Is it just me? What do you think about politicians getting involved with professional sports issues? Share your comments below!

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