Ocean County has released more important information that is pertinent to you and your family.

As of today, March 31st at 6:00 PM, all parks and natural lands will be closed to the public until further notice to help curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

“With President Trump extending the social distancing mandate for the country until the end of April and with New Jersey Gov. Murphy strongly emphasizing that social distancing and staying home is not just a suggestion but a mandate for New Jersey, along with our health experts, it’s important we take this step to further protect our citizens from the spread of the coronavirus,” said Ocean County Freeholder Virginia E. Haines, chairwoman of the Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust. “We have to take this seriously."

Haines also adds that the county did already start to close their two golf courses, public playgrounds, playing fields, nature centers and a few of their parks last week because people had been spotted NOT practicing social distancing.

“With more than 4,000 acres of county parkland and 30,000 acres of natural lands, we cannot police everyone who does not want to change their behavior during this very turbulent time,” Haines said. “Closing down our open spaces will, I hope, result in people staying home unless they are essential workers or need to get to a food store, drug store or health care provider.”

Signs will be posted and entrance gates will be locked at all of the Ocean County Parks stating that these public areas are closed until further notice.

The Ocean County's Sheriff's Office and Ocean County Security Department will continue to patrol the park during the closure.

For any questions regarding Ocean County during this pandemic, please reach out to the Ocean County Public Information Director, Donna Flynn at (732) 929-2089.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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