Do you remember what happened to former NFL star Michael Vick, sent to prison for running a dog fighting ring?

A similar heinous activity still takes place, known as 'trunk fighting', it pins two dogs against each other who fight to the death.

If you could believe it, there are people out there who put two dogs in the trunk of a car, shut the hood, turn up the music until one kills the other.

Ocean County Assemblyman Ron Dancer is looking to put a stop to it with a bill that just passed through the Assembly Agriculture Committee.

The bill makes this form of animal abuse a third degree crime with fines up to $15,000 and three to five years in prison for anyone involved.

Dancer says it's unfathomable people organize and place bets on dogs killing each other.

"This is animal abuse on wheels. Think about it, they have these dogs locked in the trunk, they blare loud music not only to aggravate the dogs but also camouflage, if you will, the killing that's going on inside the trunk," Dancer tells Townsquare Media Jersey Shore News. "Once they hear the noise abate and end, they pull back to where they placed their wagers and when when they open the trunk, the dog that is living, those who wagered on that dog collect their bets...this is sickening!"

Dancer stressed the importance of this bill needing to be passed to serve as a deterrent in putting an end to this heinous crime.

It goes after those who organize the 'trunk fights' and those placing bets and organize on the fights.

"It is elevating animal cruelty to a criminal third degree offense, it's a higher level," Dancer said. "It's unconscionable that we have reached a lower level of man's depravity to wager on two dogs, locked in a trunk, killing each other for money."

The legislation passed the full Senate on January 28, a day after passing the Assembly Agriculture Committee, and the next voting session is February 25 and if it passes then, the bill would go to Governor Murphy's desk.


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