We all followed the travels of Mary Lee, and now the group Ocearch says two other great whites have pinged off the New Jersey Coast.

Of course, Mary Lee was the great white who got so popular around here that she had her own social media pages. She hasn't been heard from since June of 2017, when experts believe that the battery in her tracker died.

Now, there are two other great whites that have pinged off the Jersey coast, one of them much closer than the other, according to app.com. The two sharks are named Jane and Cabot.

Here's some info on the two great whites that pinged off the New Jersey coast this week, according to Ocearch.

Cabot. He is a 9' 8' long sub adult shark who weighs in at 533 lbs, and pinged just last week on November 8th at 4:07pm about 100 miles east of Atlantic City.

Jane. She is a 10 foot great white weighing in at 521 lbs. She pinged on November 5th at 6:33pm, and she was less than 40 miles from the coast of Sea Isle City.

We'll keep our eyes on these two. It is believed that they are heading in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico.

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