This is Verizon-believable.

In the most 2016 thing that could possibly happen at the 2016 Summer Olympics, French fencer Enzo Lefort dropped his cell phone...during a match.

Fencing is not one of the Games' glamour events, so this is probably one of the more creative ways for the sport to get some pub, but, come on, this is ridiculous.

It's hard to imagine Lefort had anything more pressing on his mind at the time than going for the gold medal (maybe he wanted to check to see if he was trending on Twitter for doing this?), something he's been training for his entire life. We're not sure what he was doing with his cell phone, but we hope for his sake he wasn't trying to play Pokemon Go.

Maybe next time Lefort won't bring the phone with him -- he lost an epee epic match to Germany's Peter Joppich, 15-13. Hope he's not a sword loser.

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