There has been a lot of aftermath that is still yet to be solved since Tropical Storm Isaias hit.

There were power outages, fallen power lines and overall a lot of damage that is going to take some time to clean up.

And for some people.....that includes power or WiFi losses that still have yet to be fixed.

Optimum is looking to lend a helping hand to some of their customers who did not get their internet or TV services back after the power went out during the storm.

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Optimum will be giving customers affected by these outages bill credit.

And the best part is that customers don't have to do a thing to get this credit restored to their account.

"Optimum will be providing credits proactively to customers whose Optimum services were not available when power was restored," an Altice spokeswoman said in an email. "Customers do not need to request the credit — we will be applying it to their accounts in the coming weeks."

If I had to pay full price for a service that was not working....I would be PISSED. So I am glad that Optimum is stepping up all on their own.

Keep an eye on your account for that credit....because it is coming.

And of course, I hope you get your power and WiFi back soon!

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