One of the most beautiful statues in Monmouth County, for sure.

("Boy & Lion" Photo by Liz Jeressi)

If you're like many, you don't usually find yourself at this place.

So maybe I am not the only one who didn't notice this statue until very recently.

And it's all because I moved, lol.

In the transition of moving across Monmouth County, I went several weeks without WiFi or cable TV.

I had to resort to playing DVDs on my BluRay, or just reading books or playing music.

The silver lining in that, by the way, was that I found and binge-watched a TV series that I had never seen when it was on but had always heard so many good things about. That series is called Parenthood (2010-1015, 6 seasons) and there is nothing close to it on TV today. It is truly the greatest show that I have ever seen and my life is richer having seen it. Which never would have happened had I not lost my cable for a few weeks...and headed to the Monmouth County Library Eastern Branch in Shrewsbury to rent a TV series that I could binge watch.

It was there that I saw this beautiful statue out front.

("Boy & Lion", photo by Liz Jeressi)

The "Boy & Lion" statue was sculpted by Bart Walter and the little boy was modeled after Christian Gardullo.

P.S. Although you can binge watch several TV series on platforms like Hulu, you can also rent the DVDs at the library for many series (including Game of Thrones!) FOR FREE!