Paddy Mac's. It's one of those places that you may have driven past a thousand times, or maybe it was your favorite hidden hole-in-the-wall. A little piece of Belmar history was knocked down Monday.

Many went both ways on Paddy Mac's. One Yelp review read:

Best experience. You have every walk of like there. Best bartenders in Belmar. Great owners. Clientele can be messy, but it's a bar!  Def an experience you will not forget and you may get hooked. Great juke box as well.

Another told a different story.

If you're into crack cocaine come on in! This bar is an utter mess! Everyone that goes there are straight dirt bags that want to sell you drugs. It's a small bar where anything goes. My friend pissed all over the bar once and the bartender laughed at him, before throwing him out. The biggest plus is the fact that the bartenders are some smoking hot girls. Not sure if they are cokeheads but it would make sense. Go for the experience and feel better about your life; if your not a crackhead that is.Regardless of how you felt about the Belmar mainstay, it was kinda sad to see it demolished.

Did you know about "the rules" of Paddy McDonald's?


MandA R. via Yelp
MandA R. via Yelp

Regardless of your feelings about Paddy McDonald's, it was kind of sad to see the building get demolished today.

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