Paris Jackson is fighting back after receiving some "angry" comments about her nipple piercings.

On Instagram, Jackson shared a video of her mocking the outrage to her piercings. Cheekily set to the viral "We cannot escape, we cannot come out" audio, she glances down at her chest in confusion as her piercings "talk" to her.

"My nipple piercings wanting to make another appearance after everyone got so angry the last time," she wrote over the playful video.

Watch below:

The video was shared in response to negative comments Jackson received under another Instagram post earlier in the week.

On Oct. 3, the daughter of music legend Michael Jackson wore a cream-colored lace dress to an event celebrating famed photographer Steven Klein’s first book. The sheer dress revealed the singer's nipple piercings.

Many were quick to criticize the look in the comments.

"I thought you were better than this. Really the 'red shoes pic'..?! WE KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN," one user wrote.

"Maybe I should post my balls ... If a nipple is okay," another commented.

However, after sharing she was criticized for the photos she posted, others came to her defense.

"I am a 64 yr old grandmother .... you do you, and don't let them get at you, beautiful girl," one user wrote.

"Express yourself ... don't repress yourself," another commented.

"I thought it looked very beautiful," someone else shared.

This marks the first time Jackson has shared this particular piercing on social media, but she has been candid about her collection of body jewelry before.

Speaking to LVR magazine, Jackson revealed she has a total of seven hoops and studs in her ears, which is a nod to her late father's favorite number. Additionally, she has more than 80 tattoos.

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