I stumbled across a video of a Veteran who took it upon himself to sit in a parked car with the windows cracked to raise awareness of just how hot it can get and how harmful it can be to pets and children!

 We have created a lot of awareness regarding this issue but I decided to sit in a parked car just to bring up the discussion again right before Summer officially kicks off. And guys, I sweat my tushy off.

So as you can see in both videos, leaving any living thing inside of a parked car is extremely dangerous.

I looked up a few facts just to put the knowledge right in front of you all from HeatKills.org.

1. A closed car is like a greenhouse. On a 70 degree day, the temperature inside the car will raise up to 104 degrees after a half an hour, and 113 degrees after one full hour.

2. Because Dogs and Cats cannot sweat like humans, they rely on panting to lower their body temperature. If they are inside a car, they are simply breathing in very hot air which provides no relief.

3. Heat stroke can permanently damage a pet's health very quickly and can result in them suffering in a coma, organ dysfunction, permanent brain damage, or death.

4. Keeping your windows cracked has no cooling affect on the temperature inside of your car because air does not affectively circulate, even on the windiest days.

Everyone have fun, learn, and stay safe so we can all have a great Summer!

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