Would you rather talk to your dog at work instead of certain annoying coworkers? More companies are allowing employees to bring their pets (dogs/cats) to work.

Research shows there are several benefits to having Fido and Fluffy in your office or cubicle. First, there is evidence supporting the fact that pets in the workplace will help reduce stress. There was a study published in the International Journal of Workplace Management with results indicating job-related stress decreased when participants brought their dog to work. Secondly, employees were willing to work longer hours on the job if they had their “best friend” by their side.

The third benefit refers to the camaraderie that develops between you and your pet-owning co-workers (especially the annoying ones). That co-worker you might normally avoid brought in their cute Golden Retriever and now you have something in common as you spend some time in their office space. This might be far more productive than some of those “team building” exercises.

To learn more about the benefits of pets in the workplace, CLICK HERE. Maybe you can initiate “Bring Your Pet To Work” Fridays at your job.

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