Fourth of July can probably be on the most stressful times of year for pet owners because who knows when another set of fireworks will pop off.

Humans at least understand what fireworks are and why they are going off but your pets are not so lucky.

Studies have shown that the intense sound from fireworks sound like an apocalypse to the animals and because of this fact, more pets go missing during 4th of July celebrations than ANY OTHER TIME OF YEAR! 

So, some tips to get through these next two weekends smoothly.

1. Keep Your Pets Inside

Not only are the sounds that much louder and intense if your pets are outside, but at least if they run and hide you have the peace of mind that they are in your house and safe.

2. Soothing Music

If your pet allows you to put headphones on them, you can completely drown out the noise of the fireworks with soothing music designed specifically to keep your pet calm! If your pet is not that cooperative, try and put on the music in the background to drowned out any noise that it can.

3. Thunder Jacket

I have spoken of our family dog, Atticus's insane fear of thunder before and fireworks are no different. The jacket, which is available for all pets in different sizes and breeds, acts as a giant hug which compresses their torso which is supposed to offer them a degree of relaxation.

4. Anxiety Medicine

Yes, this is a rather extreme route but it is an option if your pet can simply not function when they hear these loud noises go off. Talk to your vet to see if this is a feasible and necessary option.

5. Comfortable Areas/Things

Atticus definitely has areas of the house that he feels more comfortable in during his "freak out" periods. For example, the cold bathroom floor, for whatever reason, seems to be his reside. Plus, he has certain blankets and toys that he gravitates towards. So learn your pet's habits and try to make them as comfortable as possible whenever loud noises ensue.

Did I miss anything? Share with your fellow Jersey Shore pet owners!

Check out the video on Facebook that I stumbled upon with tips for pet owners during Firework season.

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