There's a brand new way to scan your tickets now at Citizens Bank Park! This new technology that Citizens Bank Park has is a super efficient way to get yourself into the games!

There is now a special lane where fans can use a facial recognition scanner to scan themselves into Phillies Games. The MLB has just put this new pilot program into effect on Monday and The Phillies have begun trying out the new facial recognition program.

This for sure would make entering the park, a walk in the park. spoke to the MLB's senior vice president of product - ballpark experience and ticketing. She said, "We have been hearing from our fans, they really wanted a more welcoming stadium entry experience, and so this allows them to just be eyes up, not stop, not get a phone out, wrestle with any kind of technology, and even come in with their full group or their family".

This technology is extremely impressive and will probably make the lines go quicker and make ticket scanning more efficient!

How does MLB Go-Ahead Entry work at Citizens Bank Park?

The process seems to be pretty simple, actually! You'll be set up and ready to stroll through the Go-Ahead Entry line in no time with these few easy steps.

  1. Download the MLB Ballpark App (available for Apple and Android devices)
  2. Sign into your account and go to the homepage
  3. Next, select the "MLB Go-Ahead Entry" tab
  4. Take your picture, and you're good to go!

This technology is still in its trial period, so for now a facial recognition scanner will only be available at the first base gate. Hopefully, if all goes well, there will be scanners at multiple gates next season.

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