Dads with "bad attitudes" are on the chopping block for one professional photographer who is tired of cranky fathers ruining what should be a fun family memory.

On TikTok, a woman who shares content under the username @lukesmom revealed that her sleepy son and husband "who had to go play Xbox" recently ruined their family photoshoot experience.

Stitching @lukesmom's video, photographer Hannah Holpay, a.k.a. @hannahholpay, empathized with the frustrated mom's situation and elaborated on her own experience shooting dads.

"I cannot express to you guys enough how many men show up to photoshoots throwing a fit because they have to be there," Holpay began.

"As a photographer, this is so frustrating because nine times out of 10, the dads and their bad attitudes are what's holding us up," she explained.

"If you guys would stop pouting like literal children because you have to take pictures with your wife and family, my job would be done so much faster," she added.

Holpay shared that her time is wasted when men refuse to cooperate and simply pose for their family photos.

"It drives me insane that these dads are complaining because I know, as a mom and a photographer, that this mom booked this shoot because her husband never takes photos of her and her kids," Holpay said.

"The mom realizes that one day she's going to die and there's gonna be no good photos of her and her children," she added bluntly.

Holpay didn't hold back on her theory about why dads struggle to take photos, either.

"You guys can't get off your freaking video games for two seconds to take a decent photo of her and her kids ... You are sitting here complaining because you have to spend half an hour to an hour taking photos with the family you created? Grow up!"

Watch below:

In the comments section, many TikTok users could relate.

"Also, all the work that is put into planning outfits, finding a photographer, setting a date, location, etc. All they have to do is show up," one person wrote.

"I lectured my husband on this before family photos last week. Even if he smiles in the photos, HIS BAD ATTITUDE RUINS THE MEMORIES," another commented.

"I'm a photographer too, and YES. The man-babies are 1000 percent worse than the actual babies," another professional photographer agreed.

Responding to comments, Holpay added, "It is very sad when this happens... I do have a lot of clients who are men and are incredible, though! If that helps! The ones who are good are GOOD."

Giving credit where credit is due, many women with "good" husbands also flocked to the comments.

"My husband recently booked a family shoot, helped pick the outfits for the kids, and made it so fun. I am so damn lucky," one TikTok user wrote.

"My husband doesn't love going for photos, but I'm thankful that he doesn't complain about it and shows up with a smile," another shared.

"Thankfully, my husband knows pictures mean a lot to me, so he always ensures the kids are in the best moods," a happy wife chimed in.

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