So I was met with a rather frustrating occurrence this morning.

I was taking a morning walk with my dog, Carolina, as I usually do just like every other day.

We were exiting the beach while another owner and his dog were entering.

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Carolina -- who definitely has some Pitbull resemblance -- usually gets into a bit more of a defensive mode when a dog that she does not know is in her vicinity.

She pulled me to go say hi and after seeing her body language, I decided it was best not to because we did not have time for her to stay and become familiar. Mom had to get to work after all!!

As we were walking by, Carolina was pulling to try and say hi. I heard the other dog owner go: "Wow, bred to be a killer." And not just once....MULTIPLE TIMES!

Excuse me, pardon me.........

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Now just a quick note about Carolina - she is a rescue that was found in Texas immediately after Hurricane Harvey.

She definitely gets triggered when other dogs that she does not know are in her vicinity. Her body stance changes and she goes into defense mode so I can understand how for another person -- even a dog owner -- that would be intimidating.

Her bark doesn't help either but once she gets close, she usually just sniffs, wags her tail and as a result, wiggles her butt as well.

I did go to a professional trainer who got to know Carolina very well and she will tell you just like I can that Carolina is a SWEET HEART who just has her sensitive topics!

And don't we all...

She said that Carolina probably had to fight other dogs for food before being found in Texas and that is why dogs she does not know can be such a trigger. Makes sense!

So to this ignorant dog owner that I came into contact with this morning: HOW DARE YOU!

By simply judging my dog for what she looks like is disgusting.

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I had a firm grip of her because I, as her owner, am learning her triggers and how to control them. And the funniest part of this is that once she sniffed you and your pup, she would have licked your face off with kisses.

Stereotyping isn't cute.

And judging a dog by its cover is not the only time that stereotyping has been an issue.

The world is changing and right now we are fighting the stereotypes and preconceived notions for people of different genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and who knows what else.

How many times do you have to learn the same lesson? Don't judge a book by its CHOOCH.

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