I have been thinking about writing on this topic for quite some time and have chickened out multiple times but I think, today is the day.

If you have read my articles or listened to my show, you will know that I am as liberal and inclusive as they come and have done my best to become aware of any and all microaggression that exist in our world because at the end of the day, these subliminal messages hurt.

While shopping online during Quarantine, I started  to notice that "Women's Plus Size Clothing" is a very common category and I think it is time for this TO GO -- both online and in stores!

Now before you roll your eyes about others being too sensitive, I need you to think about the message that this category is sending.

Valua Vitaly

Women are under a much more extreme pressure to look a certain way, remain a certain size and to basically not show any signs of getting older.

Like will you look at that model pictured above?!?!

THAT takes hours...airbrushing....photoshopping....but the message being sent is that all women need to look just like this on a daily basis without fail.

Having a separate plus-size clothing category is divisive and separates women in two sections: women who are what society deems as "ideal" and those who aren't.

Whether it be because of their build, a health issue or their daily habits, the reason for someone's weight is not really anyone's business and people should not feel excluded because of it.

There is definitely a toxic culture when it comes to this topic because if you do not fit in that small mold, you spend your entire life life participating in extreme diets or exercise regimens to become what society deems acceptable.

And may I also add... I don't think I have ever seen "Men's Plus Size Clothing" as a shopping category for any store....ever. So men can go through natural weight gain and body fluctuations but women are put into a different category?

It just puts a bit too much emphasis on people's size and appearances. If any message has shined through the past few weeks, is that being inclusive should always win.

My suggestion?

All women's clothing will be grouped together and all of the available sizes -- including the plus sizes -- will be listed together.

I am a curvaceous woman. I am not necessarily fat but I am someone who will never be a size 0, even if I was in the best shape of my life.

So does it mess with my head that my wide hips put me in the double-digit pant size? Absolutely.

But should others have to feel the same ways because of subliminal messages sent? Absolutely Not.

Let's all go shopping....just together.

Thank you.

Nicole S. Murray

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