It was a great weekend for concerts at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Friday’s show started off looking like it was a washout but actually turned into an amazing show put on by both Phillip Phillips and the Goo Goo Dolls. The rain didn’t stop thousands of people from showing up. As a matter of fact, the rain actually stopped midway through Phillip Phillips performance leaving a giant black cloud with a rainbow stamped on it. The skies, however, put on their own light show throughout the Goo Goo Dolls performance.

Saturday, Dawes opened up for John Mayer. Unfortunately, tailgating in the parking lot took precedence over watching Dawes performance. Sorry guys! John Mayer kicked off his performance with “Moving On Getting Over”. Thousands of people sang along all night, and during his second segment of the show paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen by singing “I’m On Fire”.

All in all, both concerts were great! The staff at PNC Bank Arts Center are pretty awesome too. I had the pleasure of speaking to quite a few people on both nights after the show as I waited at the stage to see if the crew would give me the show set list. Day 1 was a bust, but day 2 I walked away with the setlist from John Mayer’s performance.  

So, what could I possibly complain about? The aftermath of it all. As I exited from the seating area I looked out onto the lawn area and could not believe my eyes! With the amount of trash cans available I could not believe how much trash was left behind by concert goers. The venue is great and yet people drop their trash as if they were raised by animals. I really could not imagine leaving any trash behind on the ground. As a matter of fact, I held all my trash and hit up the receptacle on my way out. Common courtesy! So, the next time you go to a concert, please pick up after yourself! The place I expected the most trash was the parking lot tailgating area. Not at all, everything was bagged up and placed in neat piles!! Go figure!

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