94.3 The Point is teaming up with Earth Treasures to bring one Jersey Shore would-be bride or groom a $10,000 diamond ring, plus your choice of setting!

Scroll through the gallery above to see the $10,000 ring in each of the 3 possible settings and get ready, because it could be yours.

Just send us a video of your practice proposal. You can propose to your pet, a stuffed animal, or to a friend. Just like real estate, it's all about location. Do it at the beach, on a Ferris wheel, or with a Flash Mob. Be CREATIVE, and be sure to keep your face OUT of the video - we don't want to blow your cover to the love that you plan on proposing to! Don't worry about your voice, we'll alter that for you.

We'll narrow down the submissions to a group of finalists, to be voted on by the public. The winner will win a $10,000/1ct diamond ring from Earth Treasures in Eatontown.

To give you an idea of what we're looking for, we put together our own practice proposal. Take a look:

Pretty simple, right? Okay, now it's your turn - shoot your practice proposal, send it over, and you'll be one step closer to earning your $10,000 diamond ring from Earth Treasures!

Ready to show us your practice proposal? Sorry, you're too late! CLICK HERE to vote for the winner.


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