The mark of true character is doing the right thing when no one else is looking.  Our local police in Point Pleasant Beach are instilling that message to our kids and it is one sweet deal.

If kids get caught doing some good, they will be instantly rewarded by Point Pleasant Beach police with a sweet treat.  Who doesn't love a Slurpee?  By the way, if you are like me and get too excited when you drink one, this is news you can use.  To stop the brain freeze, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You're welcome.

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

This effort is called “Kids Operation Chill” and it has already started.  Everyone loves to be recognized and kids this age really get excited with such reinforcement. 

So what kind of “good” gets you a sweet treat?  They could catch you wearing a helmet, holding a door open, helping someone who is struggling to carry something or even picking up garbage. 

This initiative started in Philly back in 1995.  You can read more about that in The Patch here

More than 1,100 law enforcement agencies country-wide are a part of this fun program.  Maybe you can encourage your kids to make a summer "do good" checklist and have them go through it one by one?  That could be a really fun way to have them find opportunities to do nice things for others. Just a suggestion, the very last task on your list could be bringing officers treats to the station which pretty much ensures they are catching them doing something good :).

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