The Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park is offering a sizable $500 reward for any information that find out who left a Gerbil they've named 'Curly' on the side of Old Main Shore Road behind the Barnegat Motel last Friday "in a horrendously filthy cage".

(Photo: AHS/Popcorn Park)
(Photo: AHS/Popcorn Park)

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It was pretty humid on Friday, clouds mixed with sun with temperatures up near 90 degrees at its peak, according to the Weather Channel.

The gerbil, 'Curly', is being taken care of by AHS/Popcorn Park officials who say he will eventually go up for adoption.

"He is a sweet little gerbil that is happy to be safe and sound now, and well cared for," AHS/Popcorn Park said in a statement.

For more on the adoption, you can call AHS/Popcorn Park at 609-693-1900 or email them at

However, the question remains how did he get that way in the first place?

If you can help in providing factual, truthful information with evidence or witness testimony that can help with the investigation and your information leads to an arrest and any subsequent charges, AHS/Popcorn Park is offering a $500 reward for your efforts.

"What goes through someone's mind when they do such a thing?  Did they expect Curly to escape and if that was even possible, what would become of him?  A gerbil is not equipped to live outdoors in the wild.  Surely he would have been snatched up by a predator quickly or died an otherwise painful death.  He may be tiny, but his life still matters.  We want justice for Curly, and we hope you'll share his story," AHS/Popcorn Park said.

'Curly' the Gerbil

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