UPDATE: The Captain is returning home! River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar just posted the following message on their Facebook page:


Captain Morgan has gone missing. I know that is a very scary sentence however you look at it.

The friendly Captain Morgan pirate statue that has been a mainstay at River Rock Restuarant and Marina Bar was taken from the beach bar area in the early hours of July 18 according to River Rock's Facebook page.

As you may have read, the owners of River Rock are asking for the stolen property to be returned by Friday with no questions asked. We are still unsure how they will proceed after Friday.

If you're thinking this is a publicity stunt, it's not. A Facebook commenter pointed out that it's been a while since going public, and asked why River Rock wouldn't just bust the person. Another Facebook user chimed in by saying that the restaurant is likely just trying to let the person who stole the pirate do the right thing and return it instead of bringing up criminal charges. River Rock confirmed that on social.

So, if you have the Captain, bring him back to the waters of the Manasquan that he loves looking over.

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