Are you having mail troubles these days?

Maybe you are not receiving your mail everyday or things are taking a bit longer to be delivered....well there is a reason why.

The U.S. Postal Service is making some "difficult changes" to cut costs.

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has now instructed employees that overtime hours and pay is no longer available.

This means that our mail carriers have to leave mail behind for the next day's delivery route if other mail carriers are running behind and it is delaying letter carriers from getting started on their routes.

Usually, postal workers would wait for all mail to ensure timely distribution of letters and other deliveries.

And this big change comes down to one thing: M O N E Y.

For the month of April and May, the USPS had a 15-20% decline in first-class mail and a 50% decline in other highly profitable marketing mail.

And here is where the politics get involved.

The Postal Service was SUPPOSED to get a $10 billion loan but they have yet to receive it because of...well....political disagreements regarding the loan and who would have control of the Postal Service afterwards.

And isn't this nice...President Trump referred to the agency as "a joke" and has stated that shipping costs should be quadrupled before he approves the emergency loan.

The Postal Service has declared that they are working to provide reliable, affordable delivery services but from the looks of it, you will have to continue to wait for your mail for the time being.

Thanks to Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG's Eddie Davis for this helpful story tip.

Take a look at the Washington Post for a closer look at the original story.

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