You have to be a pretty dedicated hockey fan to be at a hockey game and ignore contractions because you just have to catch the end of the game, but that's exactly what Chicago Blackhawks fan Donna Lebano did. She and her husband were at the Blackhawks game Saturday, and with a win, Chicago would win the series and advance to the next round of the NHL playoffs. According to, Donna, eight months pregnant, certainly didn't want to miss that.

So when she started getting contractions about half way through the game, she decided to try her best to make it to the final buzzer. She did. The Blackhawks rewarded her with a 5-1 series clinching victory over the Wild, then Donna headed straight to the hospital.

Soon after she gave birth to 6.5 lb, 19.5 inch Owen Michael Lebano. Donna released a statement saying " No way I was leaving. We are a Hawks family. I had to see the end of the game".

I guess all pregnant hockey fans in New Jersey owe a big thank you to the Devils. At least they had the courtesy to not even make the playoffs. How thoughtful of them.

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