Barney, is that you?

On the coastline of Island Beach State Park, a woman named Stephanie Hall stumbled upon a pre-historic looking creature that she did not recognize.

It turned out to be a sturgeon which is, "a fish whose origin dates back to 200 million years and can grow up to 14 feet in length and weigh up to 800 pounds," according to National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration.

The one that Ms. Hall saw? She estimated it to be approximately 6 ft. long. YOWZA!

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, sturgeon fish are very endangered and it is very surprising to see that one actually washed up on shore.

"They really are unique creatures, almost like relics of the age of dinosaurs. DEP focuses a lot of monitoring efforts on sturgeon in Delaware Bay, where both species were once prolific," said DEP spokesman Larry Hanja.

Are you brave enough to check out this cool picture? Click here!

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