Last week the New Jersey Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee advanced a measure calling for a pilot program to be created that would allow drivers to schedule appointments online for services at Motor Vehicle Commission agency offices, with the understanding they would be required to follow a check-in protocol in the agency parking lot before their appointment.

One New Jersey lawmaker doesn’t think this approach goes far enough.

State Sen. Anthony M. Bucco, R-Morris, said he is formally introducing legislation on Thursday that will force the MVC to go to an online appointment system that allows all drivers to schedule appointments for all services at all agencies.

Bucco said customers are tired of waiting hours in all kinds of bad weather to take care of motor vehicle business.

“Let them set up an appointment and then let them go to that appointment and have the services that they need take care of,” he said. “People are fed up, I think they’re angry, they’re frustrated. This doesn’t take a heavy lift here to get this done."

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He said the legislation stipulates if the first available appointment is not until after someone’s driver’s license or registration expires, the MVC would be required to extend those documents “until at least the day of the appointment, and provide each individual with some documentation in case they’re pulled over to be able to show law enforcement that they have an appointment to take care of this.”

Bucco said there is no reason why in the year 2020, when everything is computerized, the MVC can’t create this kind of system.

The MVC declined to comment on Bucco's proposal on Wednesday but when appointment-only systems have been suggested in the past, Motor Vehicle Commission officials have said this would slow down the process of clearing the MVC backlog. Bucco, however, doesn’t believe anyone would be upset about this because they wouldn’t have to stand in a long line for hours.

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