Ocean Township residents concerned about the quality of life in their community will be attending a public meeting Monday, November 27th at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building to voice their opposition regarding the proposed land development project for the corner of Deal Road and Highway 35.

Currently, there are acres of property for wildlife, privacy and aesthetic appeal adjacent to the town’s historical landmark. The land was purchased in 1931 establishing the Haupt Estate, which was renamed Stucile Farm in honor of the Haupt’s two children, Stuart and Cecile. Stucile Farm is the location of the Ocean Township Library, The Township of Ocean Historical Museum, the Office of Human Services and a portion of Joe Palaia Park. To learn more about this rich history, CLICK HERE.

In order to accommodate the proposed project, a jug-handle would be constructed at the northeast corner of the intersection of Deal Road and Route 35 in addition to other road modifications. Residents are especially concerned about the proposed Wawa gas station/convenience store, Marriott Hotel, Chic-fil-A, LA Fitness, personal service retail space and the construction of 70 residential townhomes that will replace acres of mature trees and displace resident wildlife.

Locals have seen deer and baby deer fawn in unusual places such as gathering along the side of local roads and major highways as well as their yards, not to mention those deer found dead on the side of the road due to vehicle strikes. Some residents are supporting the protection of wildlife, improvement of natural habitats and the preservation of history rather than development for commercial/financial gain. CLICK HERE to view the proposed plan for the corner of Deal Road and Highway 35 in Ocean Township.

What do you think about the proposed Ocean Town Center?

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