Meet Tom Gleason, a long-time musician from the Jersey Shore as well as in Nashville, who is doing something really special that would make a great original gift for someone you love!

Heart2Song is Tom's latest project and, knowing his talent personally, it will be amazing to hear his creations!

Tom Gleason will write and produce original songs for any occasion, including children's songs. He says of his talented team, "We work from ideas, poems, lyrics or any info you give us. It will surely be a touching, personal and timeless gift for someone."

Need a first dance song for your wedding? A tribute to your newborn? How about a unique marriage proposal song?!

Tom has worked with many incredible stars throughout his music career, and no wonder. He is truly one of the greatest artists I have ever met (with a heart of gold, I might add.) And he is a master at expressing emotion, so if you are looking for a great love song...he's your guy!

For more info or to hear some samples, CLICK HERE!

P.S. Tom is awesome with kids' songs, too, in case you want a little ditty for your child!

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